Career Advice

bigstock-Maze-Shortcut-41279914.jpg“I think the reason for people’s success is directly related to their individual ability to take risks, fail, and be resilient and continue on, striving for their goals. I’ve always been a negatively geared person, when it comes to failing. I had to change my mind set. It sounds like you have a great perspective and are willing to get out there, try, fail, and try again. Resiliency is the key, but not if you don’t continue your forward momentum toward your ultimate goal. There are short cuts to a goal.

See, people want to know that you “went through” the typical steps to get where you are. This often roadblocks your momentum. You’ve got to find folks that have your mindset. Your perspective is fine. Why should you have to take so long? I suggest that you read the book, “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy and also the book on mindset by Carol Dwek. I believe, like you do, that perhaps your path to success can be shortened. It will take your willingness to develop resiliency! Go for it!”~A. J.

You can strategically shortcut your way to success.


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