perspective-photo-1The image above has to do with perspective. We all have a skewed view of the world and we’re often tunnel visioned. Every person constructs their version of reality in their minds. So don’t believe everything you think. I’m constantly viewing life from multiple angles. I wonder if that’s a talent or a skill, but I think it can be learned. I took this photo at the Statue of Liberty National Monument Park. If I stood at a different location, I’d have a different perspective of the New York City skyline. Context matters.

Why don’t people know how to think? All school teaches is obedience and compliance. But now, standing out is an effective strategy for success. Fitting in is a short term strategy that hinders progress, standing out requires momentum and creates results. Institutions deprive students of their agency, but the students who know how to exercise agency and implement it creatively, are the ones who will go far. Don’t follow authority and always question conventional wisdom.

Do you have different mental models for every aspect of your life? In this instant gratification society, we need more thinkers. We love to be busy. We go to the gym, respond to emails, go grocery shopping, update social media, watch television, go to bed etc. The problem is we don’t leave ourselves time to think! Thinking is what matters now.